All the world’s a stage; how will You play Your Part?

William Shakespeare once said, ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.’ He was basically saying that the earth is a stage and we fell from the Heaven or the aether down to the theater, the earth.

You can choose to be a non playable character with no ambition in life, or you can be one of the main stars in this theater matrix. Earth is the mother, (Gaia) and the father is heaven, (God), also know as the aether.

In the Jewish kabbalah Tree of Life, the goal is to climb from the Malkuth to the Keter, Malkuth being Earth and Keter being the Heavens or the Aether. Inside the aether we are light beings. Low vibrational light becomes matter and then we fall in consciousness. High frequency matter becomes light. It becomes illuminated and raises its frequency through love.

Either you control your mind or you become mind controlled. You are either a chess player or you are a pond in the game of life. Just like the masonic homage to the checkerboard. Spirit and matter. We are material bodies being driven by eternal forces called the 7 Luminaries. We are the 7 chakras that are within us. We are both good and bad. We are the fallen angels.

Our ego and our higher self are constantly battling each other. We make decisions everyday battling with ourselves. It’s our higher nature vs our lower nature. Life can be a dream or a nightmare. You are either dreaming the dream that you want in life or you are stuck in someone else’s dream. Learn to know yourself, work on your imperfections daily and always be aware of the wolfs that dress in sheep’s clothing.

We come from pure intelligence and all the information you need is already inside you. We fell down into human form and lost our memory. That’s why babies are born with no memory. Our goal is to remember everything and wake up. We fell asleep and now it’s time to wake up Neo, you are the ONE, the chosen One. It is time to be AWARE-wolf in this MaTRICKS. This theater.

Religions were made to keep you in fear. Your Head is Heaven and your Heel is Hell and the bottom of your foot is called the sole, Soul. The bible is not meant to be taken literally, its an encoded scripture. The ancients knew this and that’s why they portrayed the brain in their art work. Example: God and Adam. This is the brain as you can see. The ancient Egyptians were depicting this as well. They knew that the universe is mental as stated in the kaballion.

The principle of mentalism – “The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental.” Everything exists within the mind. The higher states of consciousness are correlated to the crown chakra, the highest chakra.

The spine is correlated to the stairway to Heaven, it is Jacob’s ladder. And this is why they say Jesus died at 33 years old, because it symbolizes the 33 vertebrae in the spine as it raises the kundalini energy up the 33 vertebrae of your spine straight to your head or Heaven. And this why the highest level you can reach in freemasonry is also 33 degrees.

This is why the Baphomet has a goat head, because it symbolizes your animal nature. As above, so below. The right hand pointing upwards is the path to Ascension and the left hand pointing downwards is the path to descension. You either follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole or you stay asleep. The choice is yours.

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