Did Nikola Tesla Invent ANTI-GRAVITY Technology The LOST UFO FILES

Did Nikola Tesla Invent ANTIGRAVITY Technology? The LOST UFO FILES

We all know that Nikola Tesla was a man far ahead of his time. Tesla envisioned a future on planet Earth where free energy was available for everyone, but his ideas and inventions went far beyond electricity, and energy.

If it wasn’t for Tesla, we’d probably still have no idea about Radio, Television, AC electricity, Tesla coil, Fluorescent lighting, Neon lighting, Radio control devices, Robotics, X-rays, Radar, Microwaves and dozens of other amazing inventions.

William R. Lyne, a Tesla ‘scholar’ and author of the book “Occult Ether Physics”, states that among the manuscripts found in the scientist’s house were numerous notes on anti-gravity.

In his book, Lyne says that Tesla spent the last years of his life collecting information on a revolutionary propulsion system that would use the ether’s force to mobilize objects. The writer based his theory on the last lectures given by Tesla, in which he spoke of his latest discoveries, capable of changing all the conceptions related to physics known by man.

The word “occult” refers to a “secret” or “hidden”, it is made known only to a select few initiates.

Is it possible that an entire area of physics has been declared virtually “occult” and “off-limits” to the public or to private individuals, by a powerful group, so that all science education or data generally available to the public has been “screened” to eliminate references to it?

Is it possible that the actual science involved in “electro-propulsion”, has been replaced with a “bogus science”, which has been promoted and promulgated to the extent that no one except the ‘esoteric elite’ knows the truth? And if so, has the “occult” science become classified information to very few specially selected individuals?

Since the truth about electro-propulsion is based on aether physics, which has been collected, hidden away, or declared “national security secrets”, or intentionally obliterated by false propaganda which is so intense that the general public remains unaware of the facts which are right under their noses, I have dubbed the ether physics ultimately connected to electro-propulsion, “Occult Ether Physics”.

Interestingly enough, Tesla’s latest patent filed in 1928, (#1,655,114) was that for a flying machine that resembled both a helicopter and an airplane. This vehicle used a revolutionary propulsion system that would have changed everything we knew about flight.

Tesla had a great interest in flight, and specifically antigravity.

He had everything figured out in his mind and was putting his design onto paper. Tesla aimed at creating the ultimate flying machine, powered by energy that is found all around us, also know as aether.


Before his death, Tesla had developed the blueprints for the propulsion system of his aircraft. He called it “Space Drive” or the anti-electromagnetic field propulsion system.

Tesla had big ideas, and he was quickly advancing with his theories. In 1938, he talked about two incredible discoveries.

Lyne details in his book that during a lecture for the Institute of Immigrant Welfare, Tesla mentioned his Dynamic Theory of Gravity, and that this was: “One of two far-reaching discoveries, which I worked out in all details in the years 1893 and 1894.”

The “two great discoveries” to which Tesla referred, were:

  1. The Dynamic Theory of Gravity – which assumed a field of force which accounts for the motions of bodies in space; assumption of this field of force dispenses with the concept of space curvature (ala Einstein); the ether has an indispensable function in the phenomena (of universal gravity, inertia, momentum, and movement of heavenly bodies, as well as all atomic and molecular matter); and,

2. Environmental Energy – the Discovery of a new physical Truth: there is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment.

This contradicts Einstein’s E = mc2.

Tesla made a reference to the theory, saying it applies to molecules and atoms as well as to the largest heavenly bodies, and to “…all matter in the universe in any phase of its existence from its very formation to its ultimate disintegration”.

Those imbued with relativist theory often refer to “pure energy” in some “form”, but there is no such thing, since “energy” is an abstract “ability” which is always in the future. Who’s to say what “form” is “pure”, and what form is not?

As for Tesla’s theory, we have hints, such as, that the earth is the “star of human birth”.

In poetic expressions, he hid scientific meanings in statements such as, that using the “thunderbolt of Jove” (the Indo-European sky god), man “annihilates time and space”, an allusion to the use of electro-propulsion (“thunderbolts”), to travel so fast, that time and space are “annihilated”. Where the government has stolen his papers, we must search for meaning elsewhere.

In 1986 the united states army later duplicated the Michelson-Morley experiment and had positive results and they published the results in the scientific journal called “Nature in August 1986” Bottom line is the field exists. So why don’t we know about this? This should have made the cover of every newspaper and magazine around the world. This changes everything for the scientists and perhaps this is why they choose to ignore it.

All of Tesla’s work is now in the possession of the Military Industrial Complex which has had antigravity air craft and directed energy weapons since the 50’s because of him. Also, his work is in the possession of the Trump family. The US Government sent in an expert from MIT upon Tesla’s death to evaluate everything. That expert was John Trump, President Trump’s uncle.

Trump during his speech’s said that they would be introducing new forms of energy, curing HIV and cancer soon. Most people thought he was crazy. But among Tesla’s work was resonance frequency technology that has the ability to destroy everything, but in this case bacteria, fungus and viruses including diseased cells. We do not need to live in a world of illness. But because of the greed of the world’s evil component of the 1%, this information was stolen, developed and has been kept secret, and many people killed to keep it that way. Why? Because there wouldn’t be any profit in curing all illness and disease.

Who knows what John Trump did with that information? I have all the hope in the world that we will one day soon see all diseases cured and free energy for all human kind.

In an article, “Man’s Greatest Achievement”, Tesla outlined his Dynamic Theory of Gravity in poetic form:

* That the luminiferous ether fills all space

* That the ether is acted upon by the life-giving creative force

* That the ether is thrown into “infinitesimal whirls” (“micro helices”) at near the speed of light, becoming ponderable matter

* That when the force subsides and motion ceases, matter reverts to the ether (a form of “atomic decay”)

Man can harness these processes, to:

-Precipitate matter from the ether
-Create whatever he wants with the matter and energy derived
-Alter the earth’s size
-Control earth’s seasons (weather control)
-Guide earth’s path through the Universe, like a space ship
-Cause the collisions of planets to produce new suns and stars, heat, and light
-Originate and develop life in infinite forms

Tesla was referring to unlimited energy, derived from the environment. Several of his major free energy discoveries have been the exclusive stolen property of our Secret Government. The conversion of energy to a stronger force – electropulsion – used to control the much weaker gravity force, would accomplish more work in the same amount of time, and produce “over unity” results.

Tesla’s ether consisted of “carriers immersed in an insulating fluid”, which filled all space. Its properties varied according to relative movement, the presence of mass, and the electric and magnetic environment.

Tesla’s ether was rigidified by rapidly varying electrostatic forces, and was thereby involved in gravitational effects, inertia, and momentum, especially in the space near earth, since, as explained by Tesla, the earth is “…like a charged metal ball moving through space”, which creates the enormous, rapidly varying electrostatic forces which diminish in intensity with the square of the distance from earth, just like gravity. Since the direction of propagation radiates from the earth, the so-called force of gravity is toward earth.

Tesla commenced to complete his Dynamic Theory of Gravity at the same approximate period of time that his experimental results and theories had been revealed in the three lectures, often illustrated with demonstrations using Tesla-invented equipment, as revealed in the following eight excerpts:

  1. “The most probable medium filling the space is one consisting of independent carriers immersed in an insulating fluid”.

2. “In his experiments he dwells first on some phenomena produced by electrostatic force, which he considers in the light of modern theories to be the most important force in nature for us to investigate.”

3. “He illustrates how mechanical motions are produced by a varying electrostatic force acting through a gaseous medium.”

4. “One of the most interesting results arrived at in pursuing these experiments, is the demonstration of the fact that a gaseous medium upon which vibration is impressed by rapid changes of electrostatic potential, is rigid”.

5. “If through this medium enormous electrostatic stresses are assumed to act, which vary rapidly in intensity, it would allow the motion of a body through it, yet it would be rigid and elastic, although the fluid itself might be devoid of these properties”.

6. “…on the assumption that the independent carriers are of any configuration such that the fluid resistance to motion in one direction is greater than in another, a stress of that nature would cause the carriers to arrange themselves in groups, since they would turn to each other their sides of the greatest electrical density, in which position the fluid resistance to approach would be smaller than to receding.”

7. “If in a medium of the above characteristics a brush would be formed by a steady potential, an exchange of the carriers would go on continuously, and there would be less carriers per unit volume in the brush than in the space at some distance from the electrode, this corresponding to rarefaction”.

8. “If the potentials were rapidly changing, the result would be very different; the higher the frequency of the pulses, the slower would be the exchange of carriers; finally, the motion of translation through measurable space would cease and, with a sufficiently high frequency and intensity of the stress, the carriers would be drawn towards the electrode, and compression would result.”

The eight above excerpts are further reducible to the following four statements pertinent to electro-propulsion technology:

  1. Mechanical motions can be produced by varying electrostatic force acting through a gaseous (ether) medium, which thereby becomes rigidifled, yet allows solid bodies to pass through.

2. Under influence of stress in one direction (under the polarizing influence of light or heat), the carriers may group together, forming tubes of force, creating greater ease of movement in that direction.

3. When a (D.C.) brush is created by a steady potential, a continuous exchange of carriers is created corresponding to ether rarefaction, as the tubes of force are drawn into the conductor.

4. With a sufficiently high frequency and stress intensity in the opposite direction, carrier exchange is blocked by ether compression, forcing the tubes of force to dissolve in the conductors of the ship, imparting electromagnetic momentum. The system, using the two kinds of potentials (D.C. and A.C.), is known as “p2”.

The steady potential of the brush creates the required exchange of carriers, ‘rarifying’ (stretching) the elastic, rigidified medium (composed of the carriers immersed in the insulating fluid) in advance of the ship, as the high frequency A.C. to the rear compresses them, blocking exchange from the rear, dissolving the tubes of force (my “microhelices”), creating instant momentum, normal to the surface (which is at right angles to the electric and magnetic fields).

Tesla’s inventions had no limits and neither did his imagination. He was accused by many as a ‘mad scientist’ but he was much more than that. Today we can say that Nikola Tesla is without a doubt, the father of modern technology.

Tesla proved, more than a hundred years ago that gravity is nothing more than a secondary effect of an imbalance of other forces. Tesla currents, can, in theory, create an anti-gravity state.

There is no doubt that Tesla was ahead of his time. Despite the fact that modern physics has dismissed the importance of luminiferous Aether, Nikola Tesla’s theories remain sound and valid than anything before or since.


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Source: aetherforce.com

Further reading material:  Occult Ether Physics: Tesla’s Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It (2nd Revised Edition)

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