Natural Herb Medicine vs Today’s Chemical Medicine

Revelation Chapter 22

  1.  “In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, the tree of life, which bare twelve fruits, [and] yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree [were] for the healing of the nations.”

The world has been waiting eagerly with anticipation for today’s Doctors to find a cure for cancer, and other diseases that has been disabling or killing our loved ones as far back as we can remember.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had much luck at all, even with billions of dollars going into research for the cures of these deadly diseases, they still haven’t found anything, as far as we know.

The solutions that the doctors have been giving us has changed dramatically over the past decades.

Do you think they got it right this time, or have they been profiting at the expense of our loved ones to build a massive empire of power and wealth instead?

With an estimated profit margin of 34,000,000,000 billion dollars a year, it definitely raises some serious questions.

Over 100 years ago, the only medicine available was plant medicine. Then in 1992 the evil empire called the pharmaceutical industry started putting patents on plant medicine and made a few changes to the structure. The Medicine was still pretty good at the time. Then by the second generation they got carried away and believed they new more than God and nature and made it more dangerous until now, if you listen to an ad on medicines, you would have to be nuts to take them. They say 2 or 3 good things and then 50 seconds of server side-effects.

My question is this… how in the world are products like this on TV commercials or even being sold at all?

Is this really the best solution they can come up with? I don’t know about you, but this sounds more like a suicide pill to me. The list of severe side effects of these drugs are endless, and it’s clearly obvious that these pills are very bad for anyone.

If one is depressed, then it is your brain’s natural way of letting you know that something is wrong in your life. It could mean you don’t like your job or something at home is bothering you. Whatever it is, it doesn’t mean that we need chemical medication to solve the problem… that only makes things worst.

“Whenever a doctor cannot do good, he must be kept from doing harm.”

~ Hippocrates

The medical industry seems to be more interested in making profits as oppose to genuinely helping people.

I noticed how most people really trust in the health system and don’t ask any questions at all, concerning the side effects of these medications that their doctors proscribe to them.

I have always been a naturalist, naturally. I believe that the body can heal itself naturally of anything, with the right foods, vegetables, and natural herbs.

Dr Sebi (26 November 1933 – 6 August 2016)

The Holy Bible teaches that “the herbs are for the healing of the nation.” A man by the name of Dr. Sebi would live by teaching and apparently it worked wonders.

This man is said to have cured people with sickle cell, blindness, aids, lupus, cancer, and herpes using only selected natural herbs and super healthy foods.

His real name was Alfredo Bowman, better known as Dr. Sebi. He was a Honduran herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist. Although he was not a real medical doctor, his patients and friends would call him doctor because of his ability to use natural herb medicine to cure people with.

Sebi helped heal some familiar celebrities, such as: Michael Jackson, Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez, Steven Seagal, John Travolta, Eddie Murphy and was an inspiration to Nipsey Hussle who was in the process of making a documentary film on Dr. Sebi. Unfortunately, he was recently murdered on March 31, 2019.

Many believe that this was a government hit, but that’s a whole other story.

Nipsey Hussle said it best: The interviewer asked Nipsey… Why do you think they killed (Dr. Sebi)?

Nipsey said: Why do they kill all holistic doctors? Because they short-stopping their grind!

Why do niggas get killed for hustling in a niggas spot? Because they short-stopping their grind and these niggas, they check is billions.

You got niggas that get flipped for a couple hundred thousand so you playing with some pharmaceutical money.

In 1995 Dr. Sebi was charged and had to defend himself in a few trials in New York for posting ads in the papers, claiming that he can cure people with aids and other major diseases. Sebi won multiple cases against him.

Sebi asked the judge 3 questions:

  1. Your honor, is it a fact that the Holy Bible teaches that the herbs are for the healing of the nations?

She said: Yes!

  • Is it a fact that science shows the human body is carbon based and to compliment a carbon-based body, you must have a carbon-based substance to compliment it? Because the body only accepts a substance through the process of chemical affinity. Chemical affinity is important, it’s an electrical transfer. The body can only except what it is made of, not something new or alien to it.

Last question:

  • Your honor, is it a fact that the father of medicine, Mr. Hippocrates, the man that established the principle of medical science today, cured every disease known to man? Did he use herbs or chemicals?

She said: Herbs!

    Sebi then said: Thank you very much, I rest my case!

In 2016 Sebi died in a Honduran prison, apparently due to complications of pneumonia, which was very odd considering he was an incredibly healthy man.

Most of his followers question his arrest and death, claiming that there was a conspiracy to silence him, because he taught people the art of natural healing rather than the usual drastic medical approach.

“A chemical cannot assimilate with the human body, only herbs can because they are electrical. Herbs are electrical and we have yet to understand that”.

“Chemo theory is an approach that destroys cells. It does not distinguish good cells from bad cells, it just destroys cells. It’s an acid approach.”

~ Dr. Sebi

Dr. Sebi’s approach is an intra cellular cleansing.

“What causes disease in the first place? Acid conditions. We need to sweep it out. We need to use plants that are consistent with cleansing.”

“Medical science does not understand the science behind bio-chemistry.”

~ Dr. Sebi

The man that established the principle of medical science today, was known to have cured all diseases using the natural herbs of the world. His name was Hippocrates, a Greek philosopher and physician who has been called ‘the father of medicine’.

Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BCE)

Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

A collection of ancient written works associated with Hippocrates and his teachings, known as ‘The Hippocratic Corpus’, was a huge influence on the development of medicine in the centuries that followed.

Diet, sleep, work and exercise were all seen as important factors that could play a role in producing – and reversing – the imbalance in humours that was believed to result in illness.

Diseases were allowed to run their natural course with treatment restricted mainly to the careful use of specific herbal medicines. Surgery was very much seen as a last resort.

As his main unifying theory for the holistic understanding of the human organism and how it functions in health and disease, Hippocrates used the concept of the Four Humors. 

Health is a harmonious balance of the Four Humors. Disease results from their disharmony and imbalance.  The physician’s job is to restore health by correcting the imbalance and restoring harmony to the humors. 

Humoral theory

To quote Hippocrates:

“The body of man has in itself blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile; these make up the nature of the body, and through these he feels pain or enjoys health.  Now, he enjoys the most perfect health when these elements are duly proportioned to one another in respect to compounding, power and bulk, and when they are perfectly mingled.  Pain is felt when one of these elements is in defect or excess, or is isolated in the body without being compounded with all the others.”

~ Hippocrates

Any imbalance of these fluids will result in disease and excess of black bile in a particular organ site was thought to cause cancer. This theory of cancer was standard through the Middle Ages for over 1300 years. During this period autopsies were prohibited for religious reasons, thus limiting knowledge about cancer.

The humoralist system of medicine was highly individualistic, for all patients were said to have their own unique humoral composition.

From Hippocrates onward, the humoral theory was adopted by Greek, Roman and Islamic physicians, and dominated the view of the human body among European physicians until at least 1543 when it was first seriously challenged by Andreas Vesalius.

The Four humors


The blood was believed to be produced exclusively by the liver. It was associated with a sanguine nature (enthusiastic, active, and social).

Yellow bile

Excess of yellow bile was thought to produce aggression, and reciprocally excess anger to cause liver derangement and imbalances in the humors.

Black bile

The word “melancholy” derives from Greek, meaning ‘black bile’. Excess of black bile was understood to cause depression, and inversely a decline of feeling or opinion cause the liver to produce blood contaminated with black bile.


Phlegm was thought to be associated with apathetic behavior, as preserved in the word “phlegmatic”. The phlegm of humorism is far from the same thing as phlegm as it is defined today.

When blood is drawn in a glass container and left undisturbed for about an hour, four different layers can be seen. A dark clot forms at the bottom (the “black bile”).

Above the clot is a layer of red blood cells (the “blood”). Above this is a whitish layer of white blood cells (the “phlegm”). The top layer is clear yellow serum (the “yellow bile”).

Unification of humorism with Empedocles model

Empedocles theory suggested that four elements: earth, fire, water, and air; produce the natural systems. Since this theory was influential for centuries, later scholars paired qualities associated with each humour as described by Hippocrates and Galen with seasons and “basic elements” as described by Empedocles.

Empedocles challenged the practice of animal sacrifice and killing of any animals for food, therefore he was a vegan.

The following table shows the four humors with their corresponding elements, seasons, sites of formation, and resulting temperaments:

Humour Season Ages Element Organ Qualities Temperament
Blood spring infancy air liver moist and warm sanguine
Yellow bile summer youth fire gallbladder warm and dry choleric
Black bile autumn adulthood earth spleen dry and cold melancholic
Phlegm winter old age water brain/lungs cold and moist phlegmatic

Hippocrates placed great emphasis on strengthening and building up the body’s inherent resistance to disease.  For this, he prescribed diet, gymnastics, exercise, massage, hydrotherapy and sea bathing. 

“Walking is man’s best medicine.”

~ Hippocrates

Hippocrates was a great believer in dietary measures in the treatment of disease.  He prescribed a very slender, light diet during the crisis stage of an acute illness, and a liquid diet during the treatment of fevers and wounds. 

As a holistic healing system, Hippocratic medicine treated the patient, and not just the disease.

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.”

~ Hippocrates

Here are 3 of Hippocrates health rules that have stood the test of time.

1. Walking Is Man’s Best Medicine.

Hippocrates clinical studies observed people who walked more stayed well longer. So, he often prescribed exercise.

Dozens of studies show that even 30 minutes of walking a day lowers your risk for diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and certain cancers.

2. Know What Person the Disease Has Rather Than What Disease the Person Has.

Hippocrates also observed patients’ personalities, home environment, relationships, and diet before diagnosing and treating them. “He believed that it was impossible to understand illness without understanding the whole person,”.

3. Let Food Be Thy Medicine.

Hippocrates recognized that when people ate mainly a fresh, plant-based diet, that they normally lived healthy lives and developed fewer diseases. His primary form of treatment was usually improving a patient’s diet.

Dr Brian Clement – Hippocrates Health Institute – Book: Hippocrates Life Force

Electric Raw Plant based Organic foods

Your electromagnetic body requires food with electromagnetic frequency to function. Raw foods are incredibly important for that high frequency nutrients. This is the human bodies natural food and medicine.

Living nutrition – Food containing high electromagnetic frequency Life Force nutrients.

The 4 elements that you get in raw foods that you do not get in cooked food

Once you cook a food, the hormones, oxygen, phytonutrients, and enzymes that are found in the food dissipates. Cooking your food destroys amino acids that are essential for body and brain function.

Phyto-nutrients (Fruits and Vegetables) – Phyto-nutrients chase and fight bacteria, viruses, cancers, etc.


In the 1920’s, the meat industry literally hijacked the protein discussion through academia, even at the highest level of PhD nutritionists. We were taught that the highest source of protein is found in meat. This was a form a brainwashing, and even today’s vegans are being told that they are missing out on certain nutrients and proteins by not eating dead animal meat.

Meat leaves behind fats and acidity which are ultimately destructive to human health.

Consumption of Casein, a milk protein in dairy foods, has a higher correlation with cancer than cigarette smoking does to lung cancer.

Nutrition is one of the many parts to living a healthy life.

All walks of life come from the sun, food with the most sunlight is the food with the most protein in it. This is a non debatable fact!  

So, what food has the most sunlight in it?

The 3 central foods to the Hippocrates diet:

  1. Blue/Green Algae – The top essential fatty acid. Exactly the same of what your brain is made of.

BG Algae 54% Protein. Chlorella green algae – 52%. No food even comes close to that number in protein.

  • Sea-Vegetables – Dulse, aramae, Hazekiah wakamay. They have the most minerals anywhere on Earth.
  • Sprouts – Spout pharmacy

Sprouts are the most available, effective and least expensive medicine on Earth.

One of the most effective anti-cancer medicines is Broccoli sprouts, according to the Hippocrates Health Institute, they are very effective in killing every form of cancer.

John Hopkins once said: “The most impressive anti-cancer agent we have ever looked at is a Broccoli Spout.”

Broccoli Sprout

Onion Sprout

Garlic Sprouts

Cabbage Sprouts

Mung bean sprout – Good for hair, Breast and Prostate – High in zinc

Sunflower seeds and sprouts

Sesame Seeds

Sprout juice

Hemp seeds

Wheat grass juice


Vitamins are the building blocks of the human cell and therefore of the body.

Vitamins are destroyed or changes when heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit/42 degrees Celsius.

Vitamins require oxygen and enzymes to carry them into the cell… which allows the building process to commence.

Foundational Physical Structure

  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals and Trace Minerals help to hold the permanent structure of the cell together and act as bio-electric conduit.

Your electric body requires minerals to correctly and systematically move electricity through the meridians of your body.

Minerals and Trace Minerals

These are the stepping stones for electrical stimuli throughout the body.

They ground all systems, and structurally build hard tissue (Bones). Living foods provides the most abundant and highest quality sources of these essential elements.

Sea and fresh water foods are the highest in minerals and trace minerals. Consume these and other sea and fresh water foods in their raw and unadulterated form:

Kelp – Dulce – Arame – Hiziki – Fresh Water Algae

Iodine Deficiency

Healthy levels of iodine help detoxify the body of toxic halide mimickers, in addition to purging the body of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminum, along with a proper diet, assist our cells in the uptake of proper nutrients and minerals.

Iodine is used by every organ and tissue in the body. It is absolutely necessary for healthy cognitive abilities, thyroid as well as healthy ovaries, breasts and prostate. These are just a few of the reasons to become interested in iodine.

Iodine also protects the body from radiation frequencies, thanks to the new cell tower grid system, which communicate with all our Wi-Fi electronics, like cell phones. lap tops, iPads, game consoles, smart meters.

Traditionally sourced from the sea, iodine is required by the body for a number of functions. Maggie’s Holistics iodine derives from mined salt beds in the northern hemisphere making it a cleaner and pure form of iodine.

Iodine plays a HUGE roll in decalcification of our pineal gland (third eye) and raising your awareness/consciousness… Its alchemy of the body.

You can get a very high-quality bottle of Iodine at

She is a good friend of mine and I know she is making high quality bottles of Iodine for certain.


At the end of the day, its what you do! Not a product, not a particular food, but a combination of finding yourself and then employing the tools that nature has given us from the very beginning. When you do this, remarkable things can happen.

Today’s medical physicians have substituted natural herb medicine for expensive chemical, high risk medicine. I’m not saying that everything the medical industry does is bad, but we need to be realistic with the facts. Big money companies are clearly taking advantage of the people and most importantly, they are preventing us from finding cures for these diseases.

If it’s true that Hippocrates and other natural holistic doctors, such as Dr. Sebi have been curing people naturally by using nature as its guide, then why do doctors today still choose to use chemical medication with a long list of life-threatening side effects that causes way more harm then it does good for us?

Genesis 1:29 ESV

And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.

Genesis 9:3 ESV

Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.

Romans 14:21 ESV

It is good not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything that causes your brother to stumble.

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”

~ Hippocrates


Dr. Sebi –

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Dr Brian Clement – Hippocrates Health Institute

Book: Hippocrates Life Force

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